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The goal of this Biotechnology and Biopharma community is to share knowledge and create engagement in the Biotechnology and Biopharma industry on an international level. Members of the community enjoy a wide variety of relevant information, which includes the latest news and vacancies from the Biotechnology and Biopharma industry.

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How AI is transforming biotechnology

01 December 2022

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have taken the world by storm, changing the way people live and work. Advances in these fields have elicited both praise and criticism. AI and ML, as they’re colloquially known, offer several applications and advantages across a wide range of sectors. Most importantly, they are transforming biological research, resulting in new discoveries in healthcare and biotechnology.

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Making Cancer Medicines With Microbes

29 November 2022

For oncology, plant-based anti-cancer drugs have proven instrumental in the fight against a disease that claims approximately 609,360 lives

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