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The goal of this biotechnology community is to build unity among people working or engaged in the biotechnology industry on an international level. The community is a place for people to come together and share thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Members of the community enjoy a wide variety of relevant information, which includes the latest newsinterviewsblogs, and vacancies from the biotechnology industry. 

Company on the Spot: A leap in stem cell therapy production

13 June 2019

Company on the Spot written by Michiel Jannink – CEO at Scinus Cell Expansion B.V., Managing Director Demcon Medical Systems

Scinus Cell Expansion is all about a new and exhilarating technique for cell therapy production. Current cell expansion methods do not deliver up to par standards.

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Biomarkers: in the era of molecular medicine

11 June 2019

Blog by Elaine Lima de Souza – Ph.D. in Sciences

The medical and scientific communities are both engaged in to understand and to develop solutions for a better quality of life. From basic to translational research, it is all that matters.

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