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Essential mechanisms identified for proper skin development

04 March 2021

An international research team reports that it has found that Polycomb complexes are essential for proper skin development. This latest discovery could improve development of future stem cell therapies to generate “skin on a dish” to transplant into burn victims and patients with skin-blistering disorders, according to the scientists, who published their study “Polycomb complexes redundantly maintain epidermal stem cell identity during development” in Genes & Development.

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Cancer-focused biotech turns its tools to building a 2nd-generation coronavirus vaccine

02 March 2021

With nearly 100 million cases now reported worldwide, SARS-CoV-2 threatens to become an endemic virus in humans even after newly authorized coronavirus vaccine curb its rampant spread. Little is known about how long the shots developed by Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna can protect people from COVID-19 or whether they will continue to be effective as coronavirus mutations gather over time.

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