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The goal of this biotechnology community is to build unity among people working or engaged in the biotechnology industry on an international level. The community is a place for people to come together and share thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Members of the community enjoy a wide variety of relevant information, which includes the latest newsinterviewsblogs, and vacancies from the biotechnology industry. 

Sanofi’s investment signals long-term focus on vaccines

03 July 2020

Sanofi on Tuesday announced plans to build a vaccine manufacturing site and a separate research center in its home country of France, projects that will cost close to $700 million. The Sanofi’s investment comes as and dozens of other drug companies race to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

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Marneros: Discover key structures in kidney formation

01 July 2020

Renal fibrosis is a direct consequence of the kidney’s limited capacity to regenerate after injury. Renal scarring results in a progressive loss of renal function, ultimately leading to end-stage renal failure and a requirement for dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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