Vacancy Business Development Manager – Utrecht


For Amaron, a Belgium market leader in healthcare IT we are looking for a consultative Business Development Manager. In this role you will set up the Dutch branch from scratch! Different healthcare organisations like hospitals work with different types of software and lots of different electronic medical devices. The question is, how do you let them all effectively communicatie with each other? How do you increase workflow and create a more efficient processes? That is the solution you will bring to the table.


You will singlehandedly set up the Dutch arm of Amaron and build a team as you keep creating growth. With your knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector, you know where to go and how to reach your audience. By doing so, you will use a consultative approach to sell the technology that will help any healthcare organisation move forward. For example hospitals have complex workflows with plenty of room for improvement. This potentially stressful environment can use technical solutions in order for nurses and doctors to help more patients more effectively. By identifying healthcare providers, relevant stakeholders and their potential for improvement, (even if they might not realise they need improvement) you will show the possible solutions completely tailored to their exposed needs. E-health is a rising star in the market becoming more and more important (or more recognised to be important). This is your chance to have some real impact on the healthcare sector by using your business development skillset. So, you will be building something out of nothing, but with a beautiful portfolio of successful business cases to back it up. Different healthcare organisations like hospitals work with different types of software and lots of different electronic medical devices. By talking and listening to the stakeholders you will help them find what type of solution will take away their problems or concerns and show them how much better they can experience their workday.


In order to be successful you need:

  • A scientific degree in Life Sciences which ideally is combined with a business degree
  • Strongly networked within the healthcare sector in The Netherlands
  • Eight years of relevant experience in healthcare, e-health and business development
  • Demonstrated ability to work across functions and business groups across the entire chain of the health care sector (IT, Board, Physicians etc.)
  • Strong understanding of the solution you are bringing to healthcare providers in the Netherlands
  • Either work experience in Medical Device / Diagnostics or Health Tech / Solutions providers
  • Fluency in the Dutch language


In return for your hard work, dedication and energy you will:

  • Get the chance to build something out of almost nothing
  • Grow a business unit and create a team
  • Represent a market leader in health tech
  • Receive a salary with a midpoint of around €85.00,.- depending on experience
  • Get a company car
  • Receive a performance based bonus
  • Either be contracted on permanent basis or as an independent contractor (freelance)


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate | Clinical Research

+31 6 12 57 66 48
+31 23 754 86 60