Vacancy Drug Discovery Project Scout / Partnership Coordinator – Louvain


For a company that acts as a catalyst for technology and drug discovery programs, we are looking for a Project Scout and Partnership Coordinator. This organisation is active in acquiring external assets from academic and biotech groups, as to further develop the compounds/new technology into a concept that is valuable for patients. As Project Scout and Partnership Coordinator, you will make an active contribution to the future success of the company by ensuring the best drug discovery collaborations can be set-up.


As Project Scout and Partnership Coordinator, you will play a very proactive role in the development of the organisation. Together with the Scientific Evaluation Leader, you will ensure the most promising compounds/technologies are insourced. You will do this by actively assessing the scientific competitive landscape, identifying new opportunities and building new relations/partnerships. You will act as the face of the company and work very closely together with different important stakeholders within the company (Business Development, Head of Biology, Scientific Evaluation Leader and so on).


To be successful in this role, you will bring both a strong experience in drug discovery, as well as an opportunistic/business like mindset.

Therefore you will identify yourself with the following qualifications:

  • You hold a PhD degree in biology, biochemistry or equivalent
  • Demonstrated track record in the participation to/management of drug discovery projects (industry or postdoctoral)
  • You have experience with/interest in the business and legal aspects of drug discovery and development
  • You wish to develop yourself from a drug discovery scientist into a business oriented scientific role
  • You see opportunities where other people see problems
  • You are pro-active, communicative and diplomatic


You can find yourself an environment where you can develop from a drug discovery scientist into the world of business with a strong scientific link. This means that you will be able to retain and use your scientific background, while utilising it for a business focussed objective. You will find yourself in a position with a high visibility, both internally as to the outside world. You will develop yourself in many ways, ensure that new technologies are spotted and successfully developed, as well as built your own strong international network. Furthermore you will find yourself in an environment of highly industry experienced managers who will mentor you and where you can act to an advanced degree of independence. On top of this, you can expect permanent contract, a competitive salary and extra benefits.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Lorin Raats
Consultant R&D | Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry