Event European Biotechnology Congress

16 Apr 2020 - 18 Apr 2020

Prague, Czech Republic

European Biotechnology Congress is the world’s leading conference for all professionals to gather and contribute their research. Euro Biotechnology offers over 20 sessions from different areas in the field of Biotechnology in the form of Keynote, Plenary and workshop sessions including oral and poster presentations. They focus on Animal Biotechnology, Food & Feed Biotechnology, Bio-based Renewables, Medical Genetics, Biocatalysis/Biotransformation, Medicine & Biotechnology, Bioinformatics/System Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors, Omic Sciences and etc.

European Biotechnology Congress which is going to be held in the global city of London, UK during May 21-22, 2020 will address progressing technologies in the field of biotechnology with significant opportunities for Biotechnology scientists and researchers.

The conference will bring together practitioners, researchers, clinicians in a universal forum, enabling the exchange of novel advancement in the field of Biotechnology in both science and practice.

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European Biotechnology Congress

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