Event RA2day 10th Anniversary Special

19 Nov 2021

regulatory affairs


See how data substantiates the impact of Regulatory Affairs

In the past decade, more than 25% of drug approvals were for treatment of cancer. Much can be learned from the regulatory pathways taken and regulatory tools used. Have regulatory initiatives to speed up development and authorization of cancer drugs lived up to the expectations?

In the RA2day program, we not only address possibilities and opportunities, we also show and substantiate actual regulatory performance. Can the time to get to the market indeed be decreased? What does the toolbox look like and how is it used? What are the differences between EU and US?

See how data from the Zwiers 2010-2020 oncology database substantiate the impact of regulatory affairs on approvals in general and for oncology drugs in particular.

But also…be prepared to expect the unexpected …

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