Event Targeting RNA Congress

26 Nov 2019 - 27 Nov 2019

Frankfurt, Germany

The Targeting RNA congress will showcase the latest advancements in modulation of RNA (splicing/non-coding/micro) directly with small molecules and through epigenetics.

Bringing together leaders in academics and industry who are building platforms to identify and validate targets in order to assess in disease relevance approaches in the relatively untapped RNA world. The meeting will also discuss translational strategies to go from hit to lead, addressing structural biology, biochemical and biophysical attributes, chemical hurdles associated with new drug discovery platforms.

What to expect:

  • Opportunities to engage with key players from biotech, pharma, and academia that are building platforms to target RNA with small molecules, modify the RNA with enzymes (epigenetics) and indirectly through protein-RNA interactions.
  • Hear how to overcome 2D structural biology parameters from leading European RNA biologists and computational biologists and emerging European epigenetics companies.
  • The first European translational event focusing on modifying RNA upstream regulation to enable preventive medicine instead of treating symptoms with small molecules and epitranscriptomics.
  • A meeting bridging the gap between the key research challenges such as target identification (chemo-proteomics, 2D/3D structures) and validation (small molecule binding efficiencies, selectivity and stability) and sharing new methodologies and process for obtaining hit to lead products in the RNA space.


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