BiotechMeeting 22nd of November

14 November 2018

On Thursday the 22nd of November, the last BiotechMeeting of 2018 will take place. During this meeting, innovators will share their promising biomedical innovations and questions within the network of partners. We asked one of the organisers, Boris Polm from BiotechPartners, what people can expect during this event.

What are the BiotechPartners, and what do you do?

Together with Stichting MedTech Partners we have been organising Medtech meetings for 10 years now, offering a platform to pitch ideas and opportunities for more than 200 entrepreneurs. Currently we have a network of 65 active MedtechPartners. During our meetings, innovators are able to make new relationships, providing them with new opportunities to collaborate.

Why are you organising a BiotechMeeting?

As we saw how successful the MedTech meetings were, we decided to try the same concept in (medical) biotechnology. During our first three meetings, nine companies participated and made a total of 73 matches between the companies and our partners. These matches indicated that our partners could help the companies.

We believe that the Dutch biotech ecosystem will develop even faster if new biotech companies can realise their developments and growth ambitions. We also believe that we can help these companies to achieve this by giving them a platform to share the knowledge that is already available in the industry.

Therefore, we aim to accelerate the development of biotech innovations by unlocking expert knowledge to the entrepreneurs. Unlocking this knowledge can only occur when a specific challenge can be addressed. During the meetings, entrepreneurs with specific challenges can pitch their company and/or idea to our group of partners of who we think can support them in tackling these challenges. Partners will tell the entrepreneur that they can help them, and after the meeting the they can schedule a meeting.

Who are participating in this meeting?

Three innovative biotech entrepreneurs will pitch their innovation to the audience: our partnernetwork, consist of business developers, CRO’s, academia, innovation hubs and so on. Additionally, we would like to invite everyone who is interested.

Why should people come to this event?

Like I mentioned, the BiotechMeeting is a pitching event for entrepreneurs. But not only that, it is a network meeting for the biotech sector and an opportunity to get to know our partners and create partnerships.

If you want to join this meeting, or if you have any questions, please contact the BiotechPartners via



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