Why do I work in the biotech industry?

09 July 2018


Corrie Kroeze, Senior MSL Manager at Celgene, explains us her reasons to work in the biotech industry. She started in this industry 29 years ago at Lorex Pharmaceutica (what is now known as Sanofi Genzyme) as a rep.

One of my close friends died at a young age of ovarian cancer, unfortunately a disease which still causes too many women to die. Next to several different types of cancer, other syndromes such as dementia and hereditary disorders like Duchenne and Cystic Fibrosis are close to my heart and still need a lot of medical innovation.

Every single one of us would love to get old in a healthy way. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. The biotech sector works on medicines for rare diseases which will make a difference for the patient. That is something I want to give my energy to.

Every day, I get up, ready to contribute to the process of making it possible for people to get old in a healthy way. Making sure the medicines will become available and stay available for everyone. I am focusing on constant improvements of our processes and searching for solutions with all the different parties in the field in order to keep the new medicines affordable for everyone.

Because once you are sick, the only thing you want is to get healthy.

Can you relate to Corrie’s reason for working in the biotech industry, or do you have another special reason? Let us know and share your story with us!


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