Burn-out: Time for healing could begin

10 June 2020


We provide you with Carin Jansen’s latest blog! This is the last of a serie blogs which will tell her experience on being burned-out. Carin gave an insight on how her burn-out started. In the third blog, the main topic was to get back to work after a long time. In the last blog, she tells about healing after a difficult period.

As I said in my last blog, the time for healing could begin. Because I left my partner, I had to find a place to stay. Luckily one of my best friends lived nearby and I could crash on her floor.  Two mattresses in her spare room,  which was her walk-in closet, was all I needed. A small space and not many of my belongings around me gave me a lot of time and space to think.  My friend was the best person I could have been with. She didn’t judge, ask questions or push. She was there and that was it. Absolutely perfect.

I also had time to finish work. I had to leave my job as it wasn’t right for me anymore. Not the job itself, but the high workload and being misunderstood. So I asked my previous job coach to help me get the best agreement to leave and I gave my final bit of energy to fight for it. The second great decision that gave me a boost in the right direction.

With the confidence I could turn things around in my live, I called my spiritual friend to help me figure out what the real problem was and deal with that head-on.

Well, as you can read, I have a problem with sitting still and enjoying the silence. I Just made some really huge decisions, a lot of dramatic changes and I was still giving it my all. So, you can imagine I had to hit rock bottom to finally see what I was doing and realised I should be a little bit softer and kinder to myself. Sit still, and listen to my body and brain.

Slowly, but steady, with help and love and care, I started feeling better. I moved to a really nice apartment where I started to explore my creativity again. I started to volunteer at the library taking small steps towards a more regular workday. Therapy felt good, So that was helping too. I could go on telling you more about the year of healing process I went through, but I think you get the point.

Even though it was a rough and event-full time it has been a great learning experience. I wish everyone this lesson, but without all the drama of course. Every step is towards a future, even though not always on a strait path. Sometimes you get lost before you know which way to go.

I’ll never be who I was before, but I don’t even want to. I am here because and despite everything I have experienced in the last year. I am not perfect, or the best of the best. I’m proud of who I am now and stand for what I have become. Average,  nice company and with a heart of gold. I’m not a career chaser, just a loyal hard worker. I make promises I know I can keep. I am energetic, spontaneous and fun. I draw, I write, and I show the world who I am and what I can do. Performance anxiety? Definitely! Sitting in a corner while my brain short-circuits? Never again!

So for all who read this and see similarities: there is light at the end of darkness. You can find it, just listen to yourself and ask for the help you need.

For all employers who read this: try and understand that the situation is different for everyone. Your employee needs your help to come up with a plan that suits him/her. Getting through a burn out is hard work, but in the end you end up with a stronger and more confident and stable person to work with. Talk, listen and work together towards a healthier future.

My name is Carin Jansen. I am available for a new opportunity, where I can pass on the knowledge I have gathered in the past decade. I am problem solving, hard working and energetic. And I will let you know what I can and cannot accomplish.

Thank you Carin Jansen for sharing your insights about being burned out and we wish you the best in the future!

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