Company on the spot: Integrated Solution of Health Economics and Organizations (ISHEO)

03 May 2019


Company on the spot interview by Davide Integlia – CEO ISHEO

Innovation as a social phenomenon

“I think that innovation is a social phenomenon that comes from people’s skills, competencies, wishes and sense of respect for human beings and surrounding environment, for the present days and the future generations. When it comes to healthcare, innovation becomes special, because its impact directly touches the real life of people and can change the perspectives of their lives both as individuals and as communities. For that reason, I am happy to support and work for health innovators”, according to Davide Integlia, who is CEO at the ISHEO consulting company. He passionately believes that the key for any kind of progress is the human factor.

ISHEO was founded in 2012 and its offices are in Rome and Leiden. The company includes four strategic teams that involve highly skilled professionals in health economics, biostatistics, finance and health technology assessment. Besides this, a large pool of clinical professionals works as senior consultant in specific therapeutic areas like oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurology and metabolic disorders.

A large spectrum of activities

It is important to support innovative Pharmaceutical and MedTech Companies in the launch of their innovative technologies on the market, considering all aspects that can affect time to market.

Davide Integlia: “The idea behind ISHEO is to provide a dedicated team of experts, with different backgrounds, to support innovative companies to assess unmet medical needs, to perform Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and comparative analysis, and to understand how their innovative technologies fulfill the existing therapeutic needs.”

ISHEO provides a large spectrum of services:

  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Statistical modelling for Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)
  • Budget Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Systematic Literature Review and Network Meta-Analysis
  • Real World Evidence (RWE)
  • Market competitive analysis
  • Market Access strategic plan
  • PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measures)
  • Medical writing
  • Value Dossier
  • IT Tools for Value Proposition Communications (Dashboard, APP, Gaming)

Evidence generation and Market Access Strategies

ISHEO mainly works for Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies committed to market their innovative technologies in Europe and worldwide; it does not matter what their origin or size is. ISHEO supports companies to build an effective and successful market access strategy.

Davide Integlia: “Health economics and real world evidence can help to understand the best treatment option available, based upon measurement of its real impact. This brings healthcare systems to provide high quality standards in the healthcare services. A proper market access strategy leads to short time to market. It also allows them to earn a proper price of their drugs and devices with the best access conditions for patients.”

The importance of training

Furthermore, ISHEO provides training sessions for innovative companies. Davide Integlia explains why organisations benefit from these sessions: “The evidence generated from the research and assessment activities (like NMA, HTA and HEOR, RWE) and translated into specific IT Tools (Dashboard, APP, Gaming) need to be well understood by the market access leaders of the companies, in order to translate key value messages and strategies into all countries with consistency, avoiding misinterpretation. We are available to organize training courses for Corporate Teams of health economics and market access”.

Why in The Leiden Bioscience Park?

Davide Integlia: “In LBSP there is a high attention to innovation in healthcare: the scientific community is growing and people are very friendly. I have found a high commitment in working all together, in close collaboration with European institutions, to achieve disruptive innovation in medicine and facilitate patients’ access to the latest inventions.”

We would like to thank Davide Integlia for his contribution. 

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