Coronavirus generic research by Dante Labs

13 March 2020


Dante Labs, a world leader in whole genome sequencing and data analysis, today announced the first part of its program to support global scientific research on Coronavirus, offering free genome sequencing services to research projects on Coronavirus.

The goal is to help understand how different genes determine our reaction to Coronavirus: who gets sick, who doesn’t, how the human body reacts to the virus and why. Combining genomic, molecular and virology data can lead to identify variants and then develop molecules that will help the body’s defense against Coronavirus.

Dante Labs will provide free whole genome sequencing services to research projects related to Coronavirus, to sequence individuals affected with the virus. In the first part of the project, the company will provide free whole genome sequencing for 200 individuals.

“This is only the beginning of the program,” Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati declared, “We are receiving support from some selected partners to expand the program to thousands of samples worldwide. At Dante Labs, we thought hard about how we could help society in this emergency. We chose to donate to science what we do best: the whole genome. Genomic studies on Coronavirus can help us defend ourselves against this threat as well as the next one.”

Researchers from any country can present their project on the Dante Labs website or by emailing

Published by Dante Labs
Image by Dante Labs


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