My first month at… Basic Pharma

06 November 2019

My first month at

The “My first month at…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the biotechnological industry.

The following article is about Nina Woike-Degen, who recently started as a Pharmaceutical Engineer at Basic Pharma. We got in touch with her to ask how she experienced her first month at Basic Pharma and what her responsibilities are.

  • What is the work you do at Basic Pharma?

As Pharmaceutical Engineer in the product development unit at Basic Pharma, I am responsible for the product development of pharmaceutical compounds. I do this by reverse engineering marketed competitor products, the formulation development of equivalents, and also by designing manufacturing processes and assisting my team during the product registration trajectories.

  • What is your first impression of the company?

Basic Pharma is a healthy and fast-growing organisation with a lot of opportunities to develop in. Not only do they attract many new employees, they do this while making sure that the new employees fit both personally and professionally. Next to this, Basic Pharma makes sure they hire highly skilled professionals to contribute taking the organisation to the next level. Besides the rapid growth, many projects are starting in the next 12 months, and they look very promising.

  • Why is this the perfect fit?

I think that I can bring the experience which I gained by working for ten years at a big company to Basic Pharma. The work I did before Basic Pharma was quite similar to what I am doing now, and together with the warm welcome I received and the support from my team, I was able to get started immediately. Overall, I feel that everyone is friendly and extremely motivated.

  • What are your growth ambitions?

My first ambition is to become a Senior Pharmaceutical Engineer in the upcoming year. And after a few years, I want to be a Project Manager.

Thank you, Nina, for sharing you experiences during your first month at Basic Pharma. We wish you all the best and cannot wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. Do you have a story you want to share with the Biotechnology Community? Get in touch with us via!  Read more here more blogs and interviews. 


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