Scientist or Communicator: Part III – Postdoctoral research

13 May 2020

postdoctoral research

Blog by Fabiany da Costa Gonçalves, Ph.D.

This is the last blog of a series that will discuss the importance of scientific communication. Fabiany da Costa Gonçalves is a scientific researcher at Erasmus Medical Center and she writes about her experiences in the medical sciences area. In this last blog, Fabiany will give you an overview of her postdoctoral research in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

I have worked as a postdoctoral researcher for two and a half years. In my first postdoc, I worked on the search for alternative anti-rheumatic drugs in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, I am working with novel cell-free therapy to treat patients with immunological disorders also with industry collaboration.

Medical technology hinges on the successful translation of basic science research to clinical implementation. Properly communicating science to the industry is crucial for the commercialisation of academic research. Through this communication, academic research on new therapies can become available to patients.

Science involves exchanging knowledge and integrating different sectors such as health professionals, academia, industry, and public. However, scientists must learn to synthesise complex scientific information and present it in simple words.

I am working on it! My understanding of interdisciplinary sciences provides me with a unique opportunity to interact and collaborate effectively with different sectors, especially with industry. In meetings and presentations, I select only the relevant data to convey an accurate comprehension of the findings.

Academia and industry need each other to produce meaningful improvements in the health sector. Without significant collaboration, the progress in the healthcare industry is unlikely for the public. Therefore, basic research needs to reach different audiences, not least because the major medical advances have emerged from fundamental questions of basic science.

Thank you Fabiany for sharing your insights about your career as a scientific researcher within the medical sciences industry!

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