Vacancy Scientist Genetic Engineering – Groningen


9 SEP ’22:EV Biotech is a biotechnology company that creates microbial production platforms for high-value chemicals and proteins using computational modeling and microorganisms. By combining classical fermentation methods with the latest developments in modeling approaches they have revolutionised the methods of microbial strain engineering. Their microbial cell factories (MCFs) provide effective, bio-based alternatives to conventional chemical-synthetic production processes. Their Groningen-based team has been operational since July 2018 and is dedicated to EV Biotech’s mission to evolve the chemical feedstock market by shifting it from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production, thereby creating a greener economy for all.


As a Scientist in Genetic engineering, you are at the core of the development, testing, and optimisation of their microbial production strains. You are responsible for designing, characterising, and optimising the genetic constructs and strains, as well as metabolic pathways predicted by genome-scale modeling. You work and collaborate within the Innovation team and in close collaboration with the strain developers and fermentation specialists in the Operations team, whom you advise on lab strategy and strain engineering phases of client projects.

Translated into day-to-day responsibilities, you may think of:

  • Translating in silico models to real-life organisms;
  • Expanding in-house foundry and genetic library;
  • Creating the structure and strategies for automated genetic design capabilities;
  • Creating smarter DoE for genetic high-throughput experimentation;
  • Developing and implementing new molecular biology techniques to speed up strain development;
  • Forward thinking about better organisms, new techniques, and new technologies.


As a curious scientist looking to put your knowledge into practice, you recognise yourself in the following:

  • Ph.D. in microbiology or molecular biology;
  • Extensive previous experience in strain development and host metabolism, preferably in yeast and/or filamentous fungi;
  • Previous industry experience is a plus;
  • Affinity with Python and/or Biopython is a plus;
  • You are creative and an out-of-box thinker, who loves to keep up with the latest developments in the field;
  • You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team and have excellent communication skills;
  • A strong command of the English language.


EV-Biotech is a young, ambitious, and equally welcoming organisation that operates as a family and takes care of its members.

They offer:

  • An exciting and dynamic work environment;
  • A diverse and international team of colleagues, dedicated to EV’s mission to contribute to a greener and more sustainable society;
  • The opportunity to grow along with an exponentially growing organisation;
  • Professional development opportunities;
  • Good primary and secondary benefits.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Martin van der Velden
Principal Associate | Biotech/Pharma division

+31 6 82 05 77 09
+31 23 754 86 60