Vacancy Senior Product Marketing Manager – Ghent


For a progressive data science organisation headquartered in Belgium with an office near Boston, we are currently looking for a Senior Product Marketing Manager. They are a global market leader in the development of groundbreaking semantic search technologies applicable to the Life Science industry. This organisation has developed a user-friendly search platform which makes clever and unique links between siloed data sources enabling users to navigate data with great ease and positively influence decision making. After partnering with several leading Life Science organisations, the organisation is now looking to further expand while at the same time further develop this existing client base. For this, they need a strong and experienced senior product marketing manager. Everyone active in the life sciences knows that there are tons of data left unused or research is being done multiple times around the world, trying to invent the wheel each time. This solution unifies data around the globe, saving time, money and helping each of us to progress company goals. Are you that visionary who sees how the right use of data will help the world move forward?


As the Senior Product Marketing Manager, you will directly report into the CEO and CMO and be responsible for fitting the clinical data platform to the market needs. You will translate the vision of the product, our customers’ feedback, and market dynamics into an actionable go-to-market and product strategy plan. For this role, you need to understand the value chain blueprint of pharmaceutical customers and translate this into clear cases which solve the problems presented regarding (clinical) data science. Besides your product marketing tasks, you’ll also lead the digital marketing team in its daily operations of lead generation and qualification. Supporting tasks will be revolved around relation analysis, licence modelling and of course product positioning.


The ideal candidate has:

  • A Master’s or PhD Degree in the life sciences, preferably in bioinformatics
  • Had senior positions in product marketing before, with proven results on product/market fit and close collaboration with sales teams as well as with engineering teams
  • Understands that product marketing is the shaping of a strategy that guarantees product/market fit
  • Experience on how to build a strategic plan
  • Data science experience, sees the value of proper use of clinical data and is excited to improve it to perfection


Taking all aspects of this challenging role in account, the organisation will offer you a reward that will be in line with a role of this level and will be comprised of a competitive base and equally competitive variable component. This in combination with other great secondary benefits will for sure be an offer that will satisfy you.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate | Clinical Research